Welcome to AltoSoles.com, a valued resource for you to build your confidence through our height increasing shoes and height insoles. We are able to provide you the highest quality footwear at the greatest price. Our shoes will invisibly add 2-5 inches in height without losing any comfort.


Shoe Lifts are also known as Elevator Insole/Inserts and Height Insoles where they add anywhere between 0.5" - 2.5" inches in height when you insert them into your shoes.

Concealed Heel

For those looking for ways to become taller, these 2.00" Inch Shoe Lifts are relatively inexpensive to reach your goal of appearing of taller while being hidden from observers.  Similar to a shoe insole that is used to add comfort to your shoes, you simply just insert the Shoe Lift into your shoe.


The Shoe Lifts range from having a 0.5" inch to 2.5" inch lift and are most often worn in dress shoes, but can be worn in regular shoes.  Purchasing Shoe Lifts are a good investment considering that life is known to treat taller people better because of a variety of factors including confidence, higher self esteem, etc.    

Short Men can finally have a resource to appear naturally taller.  The bottom image demonstrates how a variation of Shoe Lift Heights can increase your height. 

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